Case Notes
Curwoods Case Notes provide a synopsis on High Court, NSW Court of Appeal and Supreme Court decisions, which are relevant to our clients.
Written in plain language, our Case Note summaries and commentaries regarding the principles applied in the decisions and their practical implications are expeditiously produced following those decisions being handed down.
Most Recent Case Note

Meeting the (Australian) Standards is no fall-back excuse – use common sense! – Harrington Estates (NSW) Pty Ltd t/as Harrington Grove Country Club v Turner [2016] NSWCA 369

No more passing the buck – s 151Z recovery proceedings and blameless accidents – State of NSW v Wenham [2016] NSWCA 336

Time is of the essence when deciding which insurer is on risk – CGU Insurance Limited v AAI Limited [2016] NSWCA 335

Crewe should have told CGU – insurer wins due to non-disclosure – Akron Roads Pty Ltd (in liquidation) (No 3) [2016] VSC 657